Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Poppy Play

Poppy Play
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Daily Practice

Practicing 'looseness' has always been a challenge for me. I want to 'correct' mistakes, make things more realistic, 'improve, improve, improve.' But last night, I got to the B&B totally wiped out and even though I had a sketch ready for painting, just couldn't muster the energy to tackle the more complex work.

In my stack of reference materials, I came across an article about painting poppies in a 'no pencil' kind of way. I thought with my fatigue, I'd just splash around some paint and see what happened.

My first attempt (below) didn't quite leave enough of the white space I was hoping for -- my second attempt (I have to admit, came after a wonderful piece of blackberry cobbler from Rebecca!! LOL) - was closer to what I was aiming for.

Both were fun -- and I hope to try a few more this weekend.

Our new college president arrives today. Festvities and welcome events are all planned, so it promises to be a busy day, especialy since we close up for the July 4th holiday after this evening.

It's going to be another scorcher! Stay cool!



Teri C said...

It IS beautiful and loose. Love it.

Joan said...

Both of the poppy paintings look good, but this one is super!!! I like the looseness of it and the rich color you used. It is fun to paint without pencil lines once in a while. I've been trying it a bit too.