Sunday, July 26, 2009

Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne's Lace
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Daily Practice
Plein Air

This wonderful patch of Queen Anne's Lace was discovered when C and I took our long walk Friday night. Found along the side of the road and growing in the ditch area of the woodlands, the white blossoms stood out against all the grasses, small purple flowers, and just-starting-to-bloom goldenrod. What a cheerful sight!

Early yesterday morning, I took my sketching stool and, along with Boots, Blackie and Spot, settled myself off the road to paint these dancing flowers.
Even early morning showed signs of the heat to come for the rest of the day, but fortunately for me, it was shady enough to splash some paint. I was going after a more 'expressive' impression of these blossoms among all the grasses - as the whites of the florets showed against the deeper shade. A few cars stopped, the cats wanted a bit of attention, but the morning bird calls and quiet was quite wonderful.

Back at the house, I rendered the remaining cantaloupe into meringue tarts - not very flavorful - but a good quick treat if they're VERY cold. I'll bring the rest to work for the gang.

Ran some errands, watered more plants, and even managed a small nap. In my trip to town, I discovered a field of SUNFLOWERS IN BLOOM! WOW! The roadside was fairly busy, so after dinner, C and I drove back to the field for some photographs -- how I wish I could have painted there! But at least I've some reference photos and the memory of coming upon that field -- like being back in Italy! LOL

On our walk, we found quite a number of grapevines heavy with fruit - a sight we haven't seen in a number of years. Hickory trees were full of nuts, and even sumac trees were bending with their blooms. With all the abundant production of fruit this year, does this mean we'll have a really cold winter?

I hope to paint the grapes this morning, again before the heat sets in. I don't mind the hot temperatures, perse, but the humidity, often as high as our temperatures, really zaps my energy.

The sun is up already, and though the dew is still clinging to the grass, I'd better get moving ---

Have a great day! Stay cool!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely commentary today and it's good to hear about the kits once more. So neat that they accompany you on your painting jaunts! Your painting is lovely. I've always liked Queen Ann(e)'s lace and you've set it off beautifully with the other colors.
Very humid here now after a day and evening of thunder storms. Can't wait to see the sunflowers!

Gabrielle said...

This is a really lovely piece, Lin. I do like how you used dark colors behind the Queen Anne's Lace and you really captured the feel of all the grasses and blooms.

How cute that your cats accompany you into the field! You need someone to get a photo of you and the cats out doing some plein air painting together!

I agree with Lorraine, your description of your day is lovely.

Teri C said...

These are so so pretty Lin. I love the idea of the cats out sketching with you.

Claire M said...

Busy, busy, busy day! Lovely painting to remember it by!

Connie said...

Added this one to favs too! Those always remind me of my childhood. Grandma always told me there was a chigger in the middle of everyone!

Joan said...

Beautiful job on these flowers that aren't easy to paint. I was just thinking about Queen Anne's Lace yesterday and how I should take some photos of some to paint. I guess great minds think alike. lol

Robyn said...

Lin, it sound very much like you are back in Italy! In fact, I don't even pass any sunflowers on my morning walk. I have to drive out along the road for that and have never found a good spot to stop and paint them.

I do wish you were with me on my morning walks - apart from your cheerful company you could identify the wild flowers for me. I love your Queen Anne's lace - I think we have it here but I haven't found a way to paint it yet. Brava to you.