Thursday, July 09, 2009

Roses after Rogers

Roses after Rogers
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Daily Practice

I'm still working on trying to loosen some of my florals. This rose painting was modeled after Janet Rogers method. It took me several attempts!!! LOL And I"m still not entirely satisfied. I added a bit of ink and negative painting .. but learning a new 'style' isn't as easy as it looks! LOL

Another busy day with rain in the forecast. NC, despite our spring rains, is now nearing 'exceptionally dry' conditions ... those same conditions that moved into 'drought' and caused so much difficulty for our plants ... so fingers are crossed for showers!

Have a good one!


Anonymous said...

It's lovely Lin. I love all the colors you used together and that soft dreamy look.

Joan said...

Nice softness to the roses!!! Lovely colors too. Hope the rain doesn't cause problems down there. We were having nice weather, but today is overcast even though the weather channel says clear. lol

caseytoussaint said...