Sunday, July 12, 2009


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Daily Practice

Mercy, yesterday was one of those days we expected to do a bit of work and wound up spending the entire day at chores ... productive - but oh my do these ol' bones feel it! LOL

We visited one of our farmer's markets - and again were met with crowds of folks. It truly does my heart good to see so many people taking advantage of the wonderful goods and produce that our local farmers and niche farmers are producing. We picked up more corn, beans, cheese from my favorite goat farmer, tomatoes (mine are just on the cusp of redness!), and these bright, cheerful sunflowers!

I remember the year I grew a field of them -- so tall, filling my plot with shining sun -- until we had a summer squall, and those beautiful flowers, like my corn, had to be STAKED in order to stand straight! Can you imagine staking a FIELD of sunflowers!! LOL I don't think I knew about shorter varieties back then! Anyway, I had to have these pretties to paint.

At home, I sliced tomatoes for the dehydrator - the hum of that machine is a constant summer song in our kitchen. Made bruschetta for lunch (dreaming of Italy), then trimmed all the trees and shrubs in front of the house, and watered. Worked on sunflowers a bit, and as these were drying, made blueberry, banana and pistachio ice box cake for C's jam today, blueberry muffins, and blueberry baskets (like mini coffee cakes). Worked on the sunflowers a bit more, took a much needed 20 minute nap, then worked on dinner, made applesauce from the first apples off our tree, roasted the corn and watched the news. Took a small walk and then hit the bed. Whew ... what a day! Fun and tasty - but a bit too busy! Still, today should be far more relaxing since most all chores are done.

The skies threaten rain, and joints and sinuses would be much at ease if it would just fall ...but with only a 30% chance of it refreshing our thirsty plants, it's unlikely... so I'll be out with the watering buckets this morning.

Hope YOUR day is relaxing! (and mine too-- LOL)!


Beegirl said...

Oh, Lin - it sounds like a fantastic day. Just wanted you to know how much I loved your comment you left for me over at the "burbs". It brought such a smile to my heart! Soon you'll be back to the land you love. This is the first year I've really been able to enjoy it after changing jobs. I feel like I am living a new life and I am in love. Finally filled with joy and peace. Wishing you the same... Sending you love...
Your farm-sister ~ Leigh

africantapestry said...

Beautiful Lion...they bring such joy with their colour and boldness!

Bonny said...

Fantastic, Lin! Sunflowers are synonymous with summer for me. They just make you feel good to look at them!

Lovely painting, especially because of the relaxed, loose lines.

Joan said...

Sounds like you had a busy day!!!! Your sunflowers are lovely!!!! I had to laugh at the picture in my mind of you out putting steaks up to support all those sunflowers!