Thursday, July 02, 2009

Watering Can

Watering Can
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Daily Practice

My dear friend, Lisa ( kindly allowed me to use her photograph for this sketch. I love her photographs and she never fails to inspire me with her keen eye and wonderful photography!

I'll admit I didn't achieve any looseness here - as I was focused on the textures and the varying wood tones .. but I loved the feel of her photo and the sense it gave me of a gardener who left her garden only for a moment!

The new president's welcome went well yesterday - and the day ended with an informal luncheon and our staff picking a few of the remaining blueberries - then home for the July 4th holidays.

We've little planned except a bit of chores and rest. Peaches are in at the farmer's market and I need to get some jam made for holiday gifts.

We're also in great need of rain - it's been 2 weeks since any significent rainfall, and the plants and vegetables are definitely suffering. I was watering last night the moment I got out of my car - even before unpacking!

Have a great day!


Teri C said...

It is lovely Lin, lots of light and I love watercans. They always looks like they want to be sketched.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lin, this is spectacular. I first saw the red flowers and then my eye took me to the leaves -- incrediblely well done!!! And the detail on the watering can is spectacular. You've captured the handle and perfectly and that is hard to do. I love love love it! Send rain thoughts your way as the skies here are overcast and it's very cool and moist, Enjoy your time off.

Sandy said...

Oh I love this too Lin, there is something about that texture combo that calls to the artist. Have a great 4th!!

Joan said...

Wonderful texture to the wood and I love it contrasted with the watering can and flowers. Hope you get the rain you need. Seems like we've been getting some at some point every day. It usually isn't long enough to spoil the day and I sneak down to the beach at some point.