Sunday, October 25, 2009

Anniversary Flower Challenge

It has been a full year since Bill and Gerry started the Flickr group "Watercolourist, Painting with Light." During the year, we are all encouraged, challenged, strengthened, and befriended. It's amazing to me to see how through the monthly challenges these two men offer us, each member of the group has grown in their perspectives, artwork, and creativity. Hat's off to one of the best Flickr groups -- my heartfelt thanks for allowing me to participant, and CONGRATULATIONS to all on this, our group anniversary.

For the celebration of our year, this incredible image was offered ( The interpretations have ben stunning! And I wouldn't have missed an opportunity to add my own congratulations to the group with my attempt.

THANK YOU, Gerry and Bill, for helping us all to grow in friendship and ability! Here's to year 2!!!

Medical Update: Fortunately, we live only a short distance from our local hospital, so I can come home throughout the day to do some needed chores, relax with a bit of painting, nap. Thusfar, Mike is holding his own. They had brought in an operating team yesterday, ready for surgery. But the surgeon noted that Mike's infection has been responding positively to the antibiotics and the tenderness has decreased. Though there is risk involved and he is being monitored closely, they are opting to wait until Monday to drain the abscess, and then evaluate when the surgery will occur. Mike is on high doses of antibiotics and pain meds, and hasn't eaten or had anything to drink since Tuesday. He's in a great deal of discomfort, but his decision to have a single surgery rather than two, though chancey and dangerous, was thought a fair decision by the surgeon, and one, the doctor told us, he would have made himself. I cannot thank you enough for your prayers and thoughts.

Mom is doing better, and my sisters and I are planning to see her shortly.

My deepest gratitude -- truly.


Anonymous said...

Startling and gorgeous painting Lin -- love the white against the dark background. Just beautiful.

I feel so bad for Mike being in so much pain and having to wait on surgery to relieve it but understand why one would be better than two. Keeping him in my thoughts and heart -- and you too dear friend. Life really throws things at us sometimes so please take good care of yourself.
Hugs and Love,

Joan said...

Lin - This is STUNNING!!!! Wonderful darks and lights! Congrats to your group on your anniversary!

Glad to hear that the medication seems to be helping your son. Will continue to keep all of you in my prayers.

Teri C said...

WOWZERS!! Stunningly beautiful!!!

Thanks for the good medical news also.

Jona said...

Very strong. Like it.

Claire M said...

This flower looks so familiar!! My father had a Night Blooming Cereus when I was growing up (from his step-father I think) and now we have off-shoots from that plant. Actually I blogged about the plant back in June:
< >

I hadn't heard the term 'Queen of the Night' until I did some internet surfing for my page. But, I think it is the same plant that you painted.

By the way - I'm amazed at how you captured the white flower!! Beautiful!