Thursday, October 01, 2009

Fall Flowers

Fall Flowers
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Daily Practice

Thank you all SO very much for your kindest birthday wishes! Your generous words truly helped make the day wonderful!

I couldn't have asked for a more fall-like day with clear blue skies, coolish temperatures, bright sun, and the lack of work-related stress that comes so infrequently lately. What a gift!

My co-worker, who will celebrate her birthday today -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MINDA! - and I went to Cape Fear Botanical Garden to learn more about their 'southern' gardens, how they operated, and how they got through some of the same growing pains we're experiencing. They were in the midst of getting ready for their open house, but one of the Board members was there and we chatted a long while. She was with the gardens since their inception, and so it was very encouraging to learn how they've overcome some of the hurdles.

We walked along the Cape Fear River - the pavillion and path the only things I remember from my first trip to those gardens over 15 years ago - so it was truly delightful to see how far they've grown. We enjoyed their additions of an old farm house and tobacco barn, how they conceptualized their 'children's garden,' how they've managed to keep deer away from their hosta collection, and more. The walk, fresh air, good company, and the hours spent in 'dream time' were most restorative and encouraging. Again, an incredible gift.

We got back to work after lunch and hit the paperwork until classes began last night. I got to the B&B before dark, but despite such a wonderful day, I couldn't paint my way out of a paper box! LOL (This painting was finished earlier this week.)

Today it's more paperwork. Rebecca generously gave me a bucket of fresh chestnuts!!!! OH my gracious! So this weekend, in addition to taking the grands to the pumpkin patch, I'll be hunting recipes for chestnut bread, candied chestnuts, and figuring out how to can or freeze them all! WOWEE! Chestnuts are one of our family's favorites. I've planted some for the Arboretum and hope some of the seeds germinate. I'd love to see a huge chestnut tree on our grounds!

Again, thank you all for your most kind birthday wishes! BIGGEST OF HUGS!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful brilliant painting Lin. I am SO happy that you had a great time yesterday (even though you didn't mention birthday cake LOL). Hope today is as good as well.

Teri C said...

This is so beautiful! Love the colors and softness of it.

ps, I bought the little paint pans at either Dick blick or Daniel Smith-those are the two places I mainly shop at.

Jona said...

Another beauty of yours, Lin. Wonderful colors and lovely "centers of the flowers", very nice.

Enjoy the weekend with the grands.

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Love this-really beautiful