Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fruit Still Life

Fruit Still Life
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Daily Practice

The week has a surreal feel to it as the days pass with no firm decision about surgery. Hour by hour we sit awaiting a doctor's visit. We've received conflicting reports from the internist and the surgeon, and hopefully we're get to the heart of the matter today. We are all weary and concerned. And I thank you sincerely your continued thoughts and prayers.


Lorraine said...

Beautiful fall colors and lovely all in all.

Oh my heart goes out to you dear friend and to Mike. I hope you have a resolution soon.
Hugs and Love,

Joan said...

You must be so stressed over all of this!!! I hope they come to some kind of decision soon for all of you. You are in my prayers.

Love the autumn colors!!!

Jona said...

A still life of a strong effect. Great combination of colors.

Teri C said...

So yummy-looking. Wonderful colors.