Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Grass Plume - THANK YOU Ronah

Daily Practice

My dear friend Ronah ( has graciously allowed me to use one of her awesome photos to paint from. This sketch is based on her photo entitled - "Autumn's Sparkle!" I fell in love with those delicate grass filaments against a sea of red flowers ..... THANK YOU RONAH for the inspiration!

I've been under the weather with a stomach virus these last few days, but feeling well enough to get back to work today. Funny thing about being not one's best - everything feels 'off' --- as though the world isn't turning quite the same way. Makes painting and inspiration even more challenging! LOL And I especially thank you again, Ronah for helping with the INSPIRATION!!!

It's been raining here and the overcast skies have been very restive. The sun is due out today and will certainly brighten things!

Hope your day is great!


Anonymous said...

What a terrific painting -- so different from your usual and I love it as much as your "usual." So sorry to hear you have been sick. Being with all those students will do that LOL.
Rainy here yesterday too and definitely put a damper on our trip to the pumpkin farm but we braved the elements and came home with gorgeous and weird gourds and a lovely dark orange/red pumpkin.
Hugs and Health,

Jona said...

What a strong painting. A background of great effect.
Glad to hear you feel better.

Connie said...

Feel better friend. I love the painting. It really does look like a "sparkler". The red background really makes it pop.