Saturday, October 31, 2009


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Daily Practice

The month has certainly flown by, and even the time change tonight signals winter is just around the corner. The rains this week have landed more leaves on the ground than I can see on many of the trees, and the incredible architecture of each shrub and tree is becoming more evident.

Tonight children all over, including my grands will go knocking on neighbor's doors 'Trick or Treating' for the candy and treats they love. Parties and fall and harvest festivals are so much a part of this season. Some of the houses have been decorated for the celebration - everything from pumpkins to ghosts to haunted houses - traditions set with a nod to an 'other world existence' .... a spirit-filled place that on this day blends into one.

While I can't say that this is true, what I do know is that the spirit of kindness in the nurses, doctors, family, friends and you have certainly surrounded my family and our household. Mike is on liquids now, and mending well. Your spirited words, thoughts and prayers have buoyed us through this frightening time, and I hope you know the depth of my gratitude and the spirit of my appreciation.

As we light our Jack-o-Lanterns and hand out treats, may you know the blessings you have shared with us, and the light of our thankfulness.


Joan said...

Your words are always so moving! Glad to hear Mike is on the mend, but I will continue my prayers. Love the gourds, especially that bumpy one!!! Happy Halloween!

Teri C said...

Happy news for happy Halloween.

Lorraine said...

Your gourds are lovely and you're right about the "spirit" of the season. I am amazed at the elaborate decorations in my area. I know Mike would probably like something more solid but am glad to hear he is off the IVs and on liquids. And I know it is a relief to you too. Happy Halloween with the little ghosts and goblins!