Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Loose Visit to LaRomita

A Loose Visit to LaRomita
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Daily Practice

I'm trying to take what I am learning currently through painting landscapes in a way I like to other topics - like flowers, architecture, and the like. And I"m finding it mighty challenging! LOL

It rained yesterday - a bleek, cold, gray day. Though we were indoors for conference sessions, the long drive, the lack of sunshine, the cold temps had me dreaming of sunny Italy - despite the truly fabulous presentations and information. So when I got home, I had to paint something with sunshine and light and bright flowers ... and yet try to keep it somewhat loose .... my perspective is a bit wonky ... but I'll blame that on fatigue! LOL

The conference on Global Education was truly most rewarding and enlightening. I've been to one conference several years ago, but the topics and speakers this year seemed even more relevant and timely....I have much to assimilate and think about. But one point that really had me singing --- the emphasis emerging in educational studies --- we must give more time and credence to 'right-brained' thinking. The importance of CREATIVITY in today's world, economy and politics cannot be stressed enough. Since 'knowledge' is accessible so readily through so many sources, such as the internet, then we must turn now to conceptual thinking and learn how best to USE this knowledge in new and better ways -- thus creativity, play, innovation -- all essential aspects - MUST return to our educational systems. WOW!!! (But then didn't we, involved in the art world as we are, know this on some level?) -- Still is was so good to have that all confirmed! VIVA daily art practice!!! LOL

Thank you all for your overwhelming comments yesterday. I returned from the conference literally floored by your generous notes and invitations. Thank you -- most humbly.

I'm off again to another day at the conference. Temps are in the 40s -- MIGHTY cold for me - and more rain. The kitties have returned to their basket on the porch - sleeping in a huddle for warmth ....

Stay well! And PLAY today -- it's important!!!

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So pretty Lin.