Sunday, October 04, 2009

Oxford Barn

Oxford Barn
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Fall in the countryside, hay in the barn, pumpkins on the farm stands ..... our day yesterday with the grandchildren.

When Emily and Nick arrived, we played a bit with the cats - Emily and Nick trying unsuccessfully to catch them - then off we were for a day in the incredibly beautiful weather. A quick meal at a fast food drive-in, then to the pumpkin farm.

I was not able to go with the grands the times they previously visited the farm, so I was surprised to see the HUGE gathering of people and children, and the displays and games for the kids! It reminded me of a mini-carnival - but all farm-themed. There was a train ride around the fields, a place to feed goats, chickens and even a llama!, a pond to feed the fish and ducks, a jump-zone for bouncing, pony rides, face painting, a place to eat, popcorn and kettle corn and ice cream and snacks, a giant slide (the first one I've ever been on believe it or not -- mercy, you go down that thing FAST! LOL), a hay jump - which the grands encouraged me to get in and have a hay toss with them ...C said I looked just like a kid in there with Emily and Nick, and I was pulling hay out of my hair all night! LOL), a maze and finally a hayride to the pumpkin patch to choose a pumpkin.

I have to admit that when we got back I was truly exhausted! All that fresh air and play found me falling asleep at the art table. Good thing I finished this painting last weekend! LOL

Still, the scene I painted was what we have been viewing all week - and fall is in its glory. The painting was done from a photo reference of a barn I photographed last year at this time about 5 miles from my home. I painted it once before but never posted because I didn't due it justice ... so I repainted it last weekend. I know I've said this before - but I just LOVE this time of year!

BTW, did you see the moon last night?! My gracious -- it was so full and so bright, it was casting long, long, shadows!

I would also like to share an author, now passed on, who used to write a nature column for the NY Times - Hal Borland. One of his books "Sundial of the Seasons" is one of my favorites - and, with the air crisp and cool this morning, the dogwoods already red, and chestnuts on the stove, I'd like to share a bit of his entry for October:

"October is the year at rich maturity, a happy woman arrayed in festival dress and ready for a dance with a giant come down from the hills attired in a red, red shirt, buckskin pants and moccasins, beaded with frost. October is a brisk wind in the treetops, a whisper among crisp leaves, a breath of apple cider, a gleam from a jack-o'-lantern, and the echo of laughter under a full moon.....The pumpkin's in the pie in October. The corn's in the crib or the freezer...October is plenty and savor, and the hearty meal and time to relax. October is the year come to harvest, in the barn, in the mow, in the root cellar, the jam closet the cold pantry....October is the power and the glory, to touch, to taste, to hear and to see. October is the splender and the magnificence." (Hal Borland)

Amen, I say, amen.

Go outdoors -- and enjoy it ...!


Anonymous said...

Your painting is so rustic and charming Lin. Love the colors! Your day yesterday sounds wonderful. I used to love to jump in the hay mow when I visited my cousin's farm as a kid, and also into the leaf pile at another cousin's house near a park. The book excerpt is lovely.

Connie said...

And I say "Amen". The words are as lovely as the painting. Wonderful day with the grands. What a blessing. The painting reminds me of childhood. Everything pure and beautiful.


Pat said...

Lovely post. Thank you.

Teri C said...

Beautiful barn.
Perfect day!
Doesn't get any better than that.

Jona said...

Beautiful Lin, your painting is so rich in color as our splendid October is. Marvellous!

I enjoyed reading about your day with the grands, palying with the kids, like a kid. Wonderful!