Friday, October 16, 2009

Oxford Shack in the Woods

Oxford Shack in the Woods
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Daily Practice

Despite another day of gray skies, rain and cold (feels like winter instead of fall!), the conference was incredible! The highlight to me was the final speaker - a UNC-CH economics professor who gave a 90-minute informative, insightful talk about how our economy has reached the point that it has - and his ideas, and that of others, for getting out of this mess. In his words, it comes down to one simple thing: "Stop living beyond our means - reduce our consumption by 20%" -- in all things - from food to fuel to purchasing. "We must learn to delay our gratification," he continued, "so that when we do buy something, we really NEED it."

While this is simply an extraordinarily brief capsule of his rationale - I can see the benefit, and with his explanation - the logic. When I got home afterwards, I looked around my own home - and realized there were a lot of 'things' around that certainly weren't needed, purchased at some time or another without necessarily, any real thought OR need.

Like the process of creating a painting, there is an intential focus on a particular subject, an attention to feelings, SEEING, meaning as all those are transferred by creative expression onto paper. Is it no different, I am thinking, to begin to live as intentional? To make our purchases as thoughtful? To make our lives, as meaninful and with less waste?

I am still pondering his words and thinking through the ideas I heard these last two days. It's been a wonderful, mind-stretching time - and I've missed such intense mind-stretching discussions. I may have to return to college for another 'dose'! LOL

This painting was done from a photo I took last fall of an Oxford barn or shack that we came across while driving in the countryside. I had to wiggle my way though the thicket to get a good view of the aging structure -- but I loved the overgrowth of vegetation as it surrounded the building. I simplified the painting quite a bit to try to convey the overgrowth without too much clutter.

We're in for more rain and more cold today, and I've errands to run despite the weather. I hope your day is filled with ideas and intentional living.....


Anonymous said...

Beautiful painting and I love the colors. I have always loved the old abandoned buildings I see in the country and I would like to hear the stories they could tell!

Your conference sounds terrific. And so much good advice. Yes, I think we've strayed far away from the needs to the wants in life and I'm more guilty than anyone I know. Culture has a way of going in cycles and I think we are entering the cycle of our parents and grandparents -- waste not, want not and you have to be creative to make a go of it. Thanks for treating us to the wisdom of the speakers and always your beautiful paintings.

Teri C said...

It is so lovely and peaceful.