Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pitcher and Flowers

Pitcher and Flowers
Originally uploaded by linfrye
Daily Practice

It's amazing to me that we can begin the day with freeze warnings and end the same day wearing short sleeved shirts! From the 30sF to the high 70sF ...! But I'm so grateful the weather will hold for our tree planting dedication later today.

I got home late last night and tired and couldn't paint my way out of a box -- sigh -- so this is a quick sketch I did this weekend when time was also compressed.

It'll be a late night by the time we finish with our guests, clean up sufficiently to have classes in the same building, pack my things and take my 2 hour ride home ... I should sleep well! LOL

Hope your day is filled with sunshine!


Patti G. said...

Lin my dear,
Sending a hug your way! Our weather is similar. One day of nice, and then back to the cold and windy! Waaaaaa!

You have been busy with life and work , and so this little flowers in the pitcher from your sketching this weekend is wonnnnnnnnderful! You amaze me my friend!
Hope you week is going well!

Joan said...

It is good to be home and see all the work of yours that I've missed!! Wonderful paintings!!!

Flowers said...

The picture of Pitcher and Flowers on your blog looks awesome. It's a nice example of art. Enjoyed your blog very much.

Jona said...

Hello Lin,
how are you doing my dear?

This is fantastic, not one brush-stroke too heavy.


Anonymous said...

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