Monday, October 19, 2009

Pomagranate Challenge

Pomagranate Challenge
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Neda posted another challenge ( and since I love pomagrates, I thought I'd give it a try. I wanted to do something a bit looser and changed my my approach to the photograph significantly. I chose several of the poms, placed them horizontally, and moved the leaf material. I tried to keep detailing to a minimum, but I'm not sure I did that as well as I could have.

We're off with our students to the State Fair today. Each year participants create new themed garden designs and it's always informative to see the gardens they create. In fact, some of our own Arboretum aspects have come directly from ideas we've seen at the Fair. We're also scheduled to see the winning plant materials as well as vegetables and fruits. Since we're growing edibles in the kitchen garden, it will be good for the students to see other plants than those we've been growing ourselves. It should be a full day.

It's also mighty cold. Right now the temp is under 40F ...with frost predicted for tonight. Yet, we're in for a warming trend - and by Thursday, the day of our tree planting dedication for our past college president, the weather should be sunny and almost 80F! Yep, no wonder so many get the sniffles!

Have a grand day -- stay warm!

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Lorraine said...

Just catching up; hectic week here. Your poms are just gorgeous -- the colors, the detail, the shine! What a terrific painting.
And you so busy with work!