Monday, October 05, 2009

Stream Challenge by Ciuccio

Stream Challenge by Ciuccio
Originally uploaded by linfrye

This challenging scene came from a wonderful photo by Ciuccio (see above). I fell in love with the view - reminding me at one of the cattail area I have been photographing near my home. I decided to add a few cattails to the stream and focus a bit more on the foliage than the rocks ... though if I repaint it, I think I'd make the rocks more prominent.

THANK YOU, Ciuccio and Gerry for another terrific challenge!


Anonymous said...

Lovely interpretation of the photo. And I love the serene color of the water and the soft fall foliage. Super!

Jona said...

Wonderful again!! Fantastic color for the water...
May I ask you which colors did you use for water?

Teri C said...

It looks wonderful Lin, so peaceful and serene.