Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sunset Over the Lake and Trees - THANK YOU, Guy!

My kind friend, Guy ( has generously allowed me to use one of his incredible photographs to paint this subject. So many of his works remind me of NC, and his artist's eye and brilliant captures never fail to inspire me. I am particularly drawn to his sunsets, sunrises and fog scenes - as well as his landscapes, flowers, fall, well, you get the picture! LOL THANK YOU, Guy, once more!

We were certainly blessed by the weather yesterday. With forecasts of rain and cold all week, yesterday was a bright spot of incredibly blue skies, sunshine, warm temperatures, and a stupendous mix of delightful Arboretum participants, fall foliage and blooms, and an INCREDIBLE lecturer who, through her knowledge, enthusiasm, and love of plants and nature, gave us such insights into the Asian Gardens at Duke - that to say we had a grand time would be an understatement! Pam Beck ( is one of North Carolina's treasures, and she so kindly graced our trip as she lead us through the gardens. The sense of serenity, aesthetic detailing, wonderful beauty of the gardens were all enhanced by Pam's knowledgeable commentary. What GRACE!

We then dined at a Thai restaurant to continue the Asian feel of the day - scrumptious!

We finished the tour by viewing the SEEDS Project ( where we were priviledged to see wonderful community gardens and those gardens tended by school-age children - the produce of which, C and I have purchased at the Farmer's Market. Really wonderful to know where much of our food comes from!

I wouldn't be exaggerating to say that yesterday was a brilliant star in a gray, rainy week .....! WOW! Thank you once more Pam!!

I'm off to a conference for the remainder of the week, so I'll be out of touch until late in the evening.

I so hope your day will be as delightful as we've experienced yesterday ....filled with sunshine, flowers, and peace.


caseytoussaint said...

Such luminosity! Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding painting -- so bold! Glad you had such a great day yesterday.

Teri C said...