Saturday, January 23, 2010

Autumn Grapes

Autumn Grapes
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Quarter Sheet
Arches 140#CP

We've patched a bit of an 'almost-working' system ... not sure how long this will last, but for now, it's working and I feel like I can inhale for a wee bit the inspiration I always find on Flickr.

We dropped off our two computers and several program discs to my son's computer wizard friend. He wasn't sure when we'd get them back, but hopefully sometime today. He's a good 45 minutes away and I felt like I was dropping off my children ... man, this computer addition is real! LOL

Despite the computer angst, cold, rain, and fatigue, I took the invitation of a friend to paint together yesterday morning. It was just what the doctor ordered! We chatted and laughted and had lunch and have set a few more get together dates to keep up our artistic spirits and creativitity.

We worked on these grapes ... a class we both took last November when Karlyn Holman was in the area. We laughed and giggled and shared stories. WONDERFUL TIME!

I was able to use my camera to get an image that, at least on this computer, seems close to the original.

The sun has come out at last -- but only for today. We're in for more rain tomorrow ... I wish it were snow!

Fingers and toes crosssed for my computers!!!!


Teri C said...

Lin, this is just awesome! The colors are so rich and bright. Wonderful!

Lorraine said...

Oh how glorious. I love love love the brilliant colors. I could just tell, the moment I saw it, that it was a Karlyn Holman inspired painting. You did a fantastic job on this Lin. I'm so glad you got out on a painting date and had such a great time. We all need these sorts of outings and the older I get the more I seem to need them, especially in the winter.

Good luck with the computers.


Joan said...

Wonderful colors!!! WOW!! I'm glad you have a friend to paint is always fun to have art dates.

Hope everything works out with your computer. Have a great day!!