Saturday, January 30, 2010

Broken Porch but still Home

Daily Practive

Oh my -- it is SNOWING! And sleeting! We have six inches already and the falling sleet/snow mix is weighing down the trees. What I can see in the dark are my wax myrtles beside my back porch bend double over the steps .... The storm is still upon us and I'm hoping our power remains on! It's mighty cold.

This cottage was painted from a photo... the porch is falling down, and yet folks are living there, a fire warming them in the snow. I added the haybales ...

I must apologize for not doing this earlier --

I am wishing Bev a belated happy birthday!!! I am so sorry I missed your birthday last week Bev ... and so today, with snow at hand and all around (reminding me of your homeland!!) - I hope you and yours are warm and cozy -and that your birthday was most joy-filled and as wonderful as you!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEV!

I'll be taking pix once the light emerges through the storm ....

Stay warm and safe!


Lorraine said...

Beautiful snow painting Lin -- and you sure did get that leaning porch just perfectly. The snow details are wonderful!

Your wish for snow has been fulfilled. Hope you are snowed in for a week with power,computer,Charles and cats (not necessarily in that order!!).

We too awoke to about 5 inches of snow and winds that completely filled in our front entry way, even splattering the door. Poor kittie's houses had snow inside them it blew so hard.
So everything from there is in the washer and dryer and we are scrambling to get everything put back before we leave for Louisville. Wish us luck!

Teri C said...

Pretty winter scene. There is something so interesting about a structure that is slowly deteriorating.
Stay warm and dry Lin.

Joan said...

A rural house and snow...a perfect combo. I think the saggy porches/roofs always make the painting more interesting. NICE!!!!

Jona said...

What a lovely motif. You are so lucky to have snow in your region. Enjoy it.