Thursday, January 07, 2010


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Daily Practice

It warmed to 30F yesterday, a virtual heat wave since this bitter cold has arrived. But that will feel balmy this weekend as we plummet again into the teens. Tonight, we're promised a dusting of snow, which for us, means resultant ice, which means traffic nightmares. Mercy.

We continue readying for classes - all begin today. Today too is my grandson's birthday -- HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY NICK! Gracious how the time goes by far too quickly.

Stay warm everyone -- the entire US is under a deep freeze ...


Lorraine said...

Lovely winter landscape Lin. One wonders what lies at the end of the road!

Bitterly cold here too but warmed up enough to snow yesterday and last night but still back in the teens. Accidents abound. Brrr.
Stay warm and safe,

Joan said...

This looks lovely...I want to bundle up and walk down that road!! I laughed this morning because the temp was 32!!! It must be a heat wave! lol

Enjoy your day and stay warm and safe.

Teri C said...

yikes, you have really been getting more than your share of cold weather. Now wonder you can paint it so convincingly.

Annaquarel.les said...

That's a beautiful landscape. It's very cold in Terrassa (Barcelona) as well. There is snow on the mountains. Happy New Year 2010.