Friday, January 29, 2010

Evening's Pink Glow

Evening's pink glow
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Daily Practice

After leaving the office the other night, I was struck by the way the pink glow of clouds streamed across the evening's sky giving the entire ride to my friend's a wonderful 'pink' blush. I passed this small pond en route, and tried to recreate it from memory that night.

I had such a wonderful, incredible surprise last night when I got home! When I arrive home from out of town, it often takes me 30-60 minutes to unpack the car, load the week's laundry, wash the dishes I've brought back, organize my mail, and as the last thing, bring my art supplies upstairs to restock for another week.

When I got upstairs, I placed some work related files on my desk to work at home should we be snowed in. When I reached my desk, there were papers and wires and files and all manners of things lying around. Now, I have to admit that I was mighty tired -- it was a trying week at best. C came upstairs and insisted that I sit at the desk. Still a bit bewildered, he pointed to a screen in front of me .... and THEN I gasped! There's a wide-screen monitor, none of the old paraphemalia that WAS sitting in that spot -- a sleek, slim screen and keyboard. That incredibly generous and kind husband of mine, all the time I was gone, was working in a fever to set up a new computer he had gotten me!

Needless to say, my jaw dropped along with my tears! And even as I'm typing this, I am still in shock and wonder and misty-eyed. When I looked at C all he would say was how important he knew my flickr friends were to me, how much this 'connection' made me happy, and he didn't want me to fret another day from more frustration. My gracious.

We spent most of the rest of the night uploading things, checking the odds and ends of new computers and still have a few bits to work thru. The new printer/scanner he ALSO surprised me with arrives today ....

I don't know when such kindness has touched me more. I am truly overwhelmed ... and for a change, truly speechless.


Lorraine said...

What an absolutely gorgeous painting Lin. I LOVE the colors in the sky and pond. We often get skies like that here at sunset and you've captured what I see perfectly. Just beautiful.

And oh what a wonderful, and well deserved surprise from Charles. He's a keeper for sure!!! Hug him for me for all the exceptional new equipment and for his extreme kindness and thoughtfulness.

Teri C said...

A stunning painting to commemorate this wonderful occasion! What a guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joan said...

I don't know if I'm more impressed with the painting or with Charles!!! How wonderful of him!

I love the pink glow of the painting, and the refelection in the pond. Views like that make you appreciate the wonders of the world.

Enjoy your day and your new computer. (And your super hubby!)

Jona said...

A lovely painting with beautiful pink reflections.
I'm happy for you to have a wide monitor I'm sure you'll enjoy much.
What a wonderful husband you have!!