Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Farm in the Snow

Farm in the Snow
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Daily Practice

Just for fun, I painted this rural snow scene with WARM colors -- and the effect is so different from yesterday's cold-looking scene. Again, I am amazed at the FEEL different hues produce ... This could be North Carolina with with its sienna weeds and pastures and warmer-looking blue sky -- even in the cold weather and the snow. I really want to remember this lesson! LOL

It's been a week of back to back meetings and preparations for classes .. which means the everyday workload is compressed ... I've got to clear my desk for the next wave ... so I"m dashing ....

Stay warm!


Lorraine said...

Yes, that is truly amazing. And I love the perspective on this one -- something I always had a very difficult time with. I am SO enjoying your experiments!!

Stay warm and well,

Teri C said...

it is a beautiful warm scene where yesterday it was a beautiful and cold scene. Wonderful contrast.

Joan said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! The warm colors make this scene look like you'd want to put on your snowboots and take a walk there. A bit of color change makes all the difference in the world. I should remember that since I tend to paint everything with the same palette. lol

Jona said...

Fantastic, Lin! Very suggestive.