Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Holly in the Snow

Holly in the Snow
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Daily Practice

I painted this while I was home over the holidays - my initial attempt to put more light in my florals and work toward more lost and found edges. I don't think it worked as well as the tulips, but I like it for its winter look - as though the holly were under snow or ice ....

Which, truthfully, could happen tomorrow night. This painting was done from a branch of holly off one of the trees on our property. It's covered with berries and the birds are enjoying them especially during these frigid days when food (and warmth) is scarce. I can't imagine how those tiny, wee birds generate sufficient heat to help them through such icy nights and day ... miraculous.

Busy time at work, and late evenings. Classes start tomorrow and there's much to prepare ...

Have a great day -- stay warm!


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Joan said...

SUPER!!! I love all the negative painting you did around the leaves. Well done, Lin!!

Keep warm and have a great day!