Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hotel in Marsala, Sicily, Italy

Daily Practice

The warming trend we're experiencing for the next few days, sandwiched between the blasts of bitter winds and cold, reminded me of our trip to Sicily almost five years ago. This view of our part of the original hotel was on the side of the newly built, far more modern structure, was in Marsala. We so much more preferred the older side of the hotel with its plantings of olive trees, geraniums, Bougainvillea, and other bright plants all scattered among the luffa stones ...

I so hope to return to Italy next year. My memories of warmth, incredible light, food and people, make me homesick to return!

But, for now, it's a return to work and an exceptionally busy week with formal classes, herbal soap crafting classes, and preparing for the Gardening 101 class we are offering. It seems there are a lot of 'new' gardeners in the area, and even more wishing to grow their own vegetables this year. It'll be fun to share some tips and experiences with them as we all begin the preparations of our spring gardens.

Have a great day!


Lorraine said...

Lovely scene Lin and I'm so glad you will be going back to Italy again. Good luck with the classes. I'll miss being with you in the soap class! I badly need a gardening class. I think more and more people will be having gardens this summer -- shades of the victory gardens during WWII years.

Joan said...

This is lovely...I can feel the Italian sun!!! I hope the classes so well...thoughts of a garden are nice right now. Have a great day!

Teri C said...

Your Italian paintings are always so full of love, it just shines right though. Beautiful.