Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Making Snow in Oxford

Making Snow in Oxford
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Daily Practice

No -- no snow -- yet. But falling temperatures, rain, and winter settling in. In fact, we may get a dusting this weekend.

This scene is from a photo I took last summer of out buildings on a farm near my home. The photo shows goldenrod along the fence posts, bright green grass and tawny fields. I used my imagination to change the 'season' of this photo and tried to imagine what it would look like in the coldest part of winter covered in snow.

It amazes me how powerful colors are -- looking at this in the glow of bright office light (versus more subdued lighting at my friend's), the greens and purply blues really make this feel COLD! I painted another snow scene this weekend using different colors - and mercy, it was so much warmer.

I suppose I've known this aspect of color and have used it in my paintings before. But it seems snow scenes especially, perhaps with their white starkness, really brought that home to me.

Thank you for your kind comments about both my recent paintings and my computer. You have no idea how much they've cheered me during a most frustrating time! More bad news, however on the IT front. The computer keeps crashing - despite all attempts at resuscitation. One more attempt at salvation tonight .. and if that fails .. it's computer shopping and draining my bank account. SIGH. As Sue has so expertly said earlier, the computer is definitely my workhorse and my 'connecton' to family and friends I love and admire, inspiration and learning, and yes, work. So at least I have a day or so to 'bite the bullet' and wrap my mind around the possibility.

It's a busy week here at the office -- meetings and classes and planting seeds in a wonderfully warm greenhouse. Some of the plants from last semester's propagation class are really taking hold, and I saw a beautiful purple iris in bloom .... what a cheer!

Take care today!


Lorraine said...

What a beautiful painting Lin. I think it's truly amazing that you can take a summer photo and "see" winter in your mind and bring it to fruition on the paper. WOW. You have really arrived when you can see it in your mind and paint it.

So sorry about the computer. I worry about mine "going south" as I've become quite addicted to using it for so many purposes.

We had a weird winter weather day yesterday. Rain, then snow, then sleet, then sun, then more rain. In parts of the state: flooding, mud slides, and roads breaking up and impassable. Today there's a couple inches of snow on the ground and the outdoor kitties seem to have disappeared -- probably under the streets in the storm drains -- when they have perfectly warm and cozy little cottages on my front entryway!!

Enjoy being in the warm greenhouse!

Joan said...

LOVELY!!! You did a great job at changing this to a winter scene...a very cold winter scene! I think the starkness of the white snow contrasted with the deep colors of the foliage and the blue sky make it feel even colder.

I'm so sorry to hear that the computer is not responding to therapy!!!
Hope you have a great day!

Teri C said...

Holey moley Lin, this is just gorgeous. You could be in Wisconsin!!!

Jona said...

Again a wonderful job on this one. I LOVE the scene. You changed the season with great results. Brava!

I'll cross the fingers you can fix the computer!!!
Wish you a lucky day.

Teresa said...

Hi Lin!

I'm working on getting back into the swing of things. This painting is gorgeous!!! Which won't surprise you.... you know I love snow (still hoping to get snowed in before the winter is over! :-)