Thursday, January 28, 2010


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Daily Practice

Decided to do a bit of meditative painting last night and returned to a photo I've used before that reminds me of Italy every time I see it. This branch of olives brings me right back to that incredible grove of olive trees in Tuscany, walking under their gnarled branches, inhaling the sweet scent of early spring flowers that would, by fall, produce the fruits we all love.

It'll be another mad dash of meetings today with abrupt weather changes forecast. We're promised temps in the 60sF today with frigid temps to resume tomorrow and this weekend, and snow, ice, sleet and rain promised. North Carolina 'snows' often are the worst following days of warm weather. Again the old prediction of 'thunder in the winter means snow ten days later' seems to be holding true -- again.

In the meantime, I think I'll take a walk outdoors while I can ... and get to the grocery store before the crowds!

Take care!


Lorraine said...

Lovely detail and color Lin. I could see how this could be meditative for you.

Yes, the fierce storm is headed this way too -- starting Friday a.m. and lasting up into Sat. Unfortunately we have a fun event Fri. evening and a political one most of the day Saturday. Ron Paul is coming to Louisville to speak and rally with his son Rand Paul. We are so excited! Hope it doesn't get "weathered" out.

Stay safe and well in NC and stay inside and get lots of painting and R&R.

Teri C said...

Beautifully done Lin. You always make Italy sound so wonderful that I have a yen to see it. I think when we love something enough it makes us paint better.

Joan said...

Beautiful color and light, Lin!!! I love it!!

Snow is falling here right now. I don't know if we'll get any accumulation but everything is white. I have my camera ready.

Enjoy your day!

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Lin, love your color and detail. Well done.

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

My new favorite!!!! My daughter is studying in Italy-but is quite sick right now. She is supposed to be there until mid to late April-so keeping my fingers crossed that she gets better soon!
hugs, chris

Jona said...