Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oxford Snow - View from my Window

9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

BRRRRRRRRRRRR! The snow finished falling yesterday, and the extremely cold temperatures have frozen the mounds in place. We have yet to make it to the garage - 10 feet from the house -- to reach the snow shovel. The steps are a solid mass of 8" ice ... and from the looks of things on the front porch, the cats didn't make it much further than below the steps. The sun never made it out yestersday, but as I'm typing, the first rays of yellow are making their way above the treeline. But it's mighty cold.

We're grateful to still have power - and so we've been snuggly warm and using the housebound time to acquaint ourselves with the new computer, cook, rest, and basically use the day as a 'found object' to truly do very little. I managed to paint this from a photo I took through the upstairs window early yesterday morning.

We've yet to see a car go by on the road, and since we live on a private street, there is no plowing of it unless we do it. I suppose today will be the day we attempt to shovel ourselves out. From the news last night, most everything is shut down - stores, many churches, airport, buses. Major roads have been plowed and salted, but since we live 15 miles from a major road, it's a 'do-it'yourself' with the neighbors kind of thing for us.

The storm kept us once more from our scheduled trip to visit my daughter for my granddaughter's first birthday -- and an exchange of Christmas gifts (that trip rescheduled due to a death in the family).... at the rate we're going, we'll have Christmas in July to be sure! LOL

Stay warm and safe whever you are!


Lorraine said...

Lovely and serene -- I can just "hear" the quiet! Love your descriptions too -- as usual your text is so interesting to read each day. It sounds like a good time to stay inside and take "snow days" from work.
Stay warm and well,

Teri C said...

These scenes are what make winter and snow so beautiful and you captured it perfectly!!

Joan said...

Luckily you had a beautiful view to paint from inside. I love the constrast of the trees and grasses against the white of the snow...Super job!!! I hope you make it to the snowshovel without mishap. We lucked out yesterday. It was bitterly cold, but my sister and I went to visit her son's family in PA. He had a dusting of snow but it was clear to drive back to her house in NJ last night. Stay warm and safe!!

Jona said...

Beautiful brushstrokes, fantastic grasses. Can't even immagine how it is to be covered with snow. Hope you manage to clean the road. Enjoy the romantic scenery you view from the window.
A big hug to you, Lin!