Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sailing in the Glow

Sailing in the Glow
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Daily Practice

What a long day ....! Good class and a lot of fun with Nick. We'd never been to this new playhouse -- and it was enormous! We all arrived around 5:30 pm last night (me straight from work) - and the first thing to greet us was the noise! LOL Video games, a HUMONGEOUS play gym that reached 20 feet to the ceiling that Emily and Nick could about get lost in, a 'drop zone' like those at the fair, lazer tag and more. The bumper and go carts were outdoors, but with temps in the 20sF we didn't venture outside.

Still my sweet son INSISTED I do the 'drop' with Emily and Nick -- mind you, I NEVER go on roller coasters nor do any kind of 'rides.' I LOVE the quiet places .......!!!! Anyway, Nick grabbed my hand and said with those enormous birthday blue eyes "Nonna, come with me" ... and well, what would YOU do?! So 'DROP' I did ....whew! Thank Heavens I kept my dinner down!

Then, my sweet son insisted that I join Emily and Nick on some fantasy ride where you're buckled in a small vessel watching some 3-D movie while it bucks and kicks and you FEEL like you're on that roller coaster I avoid at all costs... and after that, when I finally got OUT of it and my knees were shaking ... we played calmer games the rest of the night!

After teaching all day and being frightened all night, is it any wonder I needed something calming?! LOLOLOL

Anyway, it was fun, and the grands had a ball ... and I'm thankful I made it through with only screams of fright for the kids to laugh at! LOL

Have a great day! Me, I'm resting!


Lorraine said...

LOL -- that's why grandma's need to be young!!! Glad you can rest today! Your painting is the epitome of peace and quiet -- and the colors once again glowing. So lovely Lin. Kudos.

Teri C said...

Love this lavender glow and what a fun happy day!

Joan said...

I think after all that excitement you need to put your feet up and just gaze at this beautiful, comforting scene you've painted. Lovely!!