Saturday, January 09, 2010

Slovinia - For Jona

Slovinia - For Jona
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Daily Practice

Jona and I met on the Internet a few years ago -- she in Slovenia, me in North Carolina -- but the artwork we were learning spoke us and we chatted back and forth. We found we both loved Italy and she was kind enough to send me some of her photos of Italy to use for painting references. Last May when I returned to Italy, we met in person, and together explored parts of Venice that were so much fun and since she spoke the language, we could have better access. Such a talented young woman - she paints, speaks several languages, and is so much FUN! And her Italian helped the art group we were with get through some confusing situations!

I was browsing the Wetcanvas reference library and saw this photo of Slovenia - and I immediately thought of Jona. She's told us how beautiful her small country is -and I can see through this one photograph, that it must be an absolutely marvelous place!

So Jona - it's under 20F right now, and I"m thinking of warm Italy and our time there, and hope you like this bit of Slovenia..................

I'm off to work and will be teaching all day. Tonight we celebrate my grandson's fifth birthday at an indoor fun park .... so I'll be gone until late tonight. Stay warm.... and I hope to catch up tomorrow!

Here's to warm places ...!


Teri C said...

It is a beautiful tribute to Jona and her country! I love her art as well. I think the three of us all met about the same time.

Lorraine said...

Oh Lin your painting just GLOWS -- the colors are incredible and the way you've captured the sun and the light -- just incredible. And the way the light shines through the tree and the shape and color of the tree itself -- oh my friend, you have outdone yourself big time!

We are still under 5-6 inches of snow, icy non-main roads and bitterly cold so your painting is a breath of spring/summer. Thank you.
Hugs and Love,

Joan said...

WONDERFUL GLOW!!! I love the colors and light in this. I know you and Jona must have a lot of memories and meeting in person must have been great! What a nice way to think of her by painting her home country.

Hope the birthday celebration was fun. Stay warm!! We are still having very cold temps here.

Jona said...

Oh, Lin!

I don't know what to say :)))))
Wow, what a surprise!!!
THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! I'm honoured you painted a paiting for me - how cool is that! :))... and it's even a place I spend so much time in summers :))
Thank you!!
It's a beautiful painting. You rendered that sunset gloriously.

I'm also thinking many times of the wonderful days we spent together in Venice, Lin... unforgettable memories.

A very happy birthday to your grandson!

Big hugs! Love you loats!!