Friday, January 22, 2010

Storm Coming

Storm Coming
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Daily Practice

It's been a busy time here - and my computer and scanner have given up the fight. I hope to get both to the IT doctor today so it looks like I'll be off line until things are repaired. I have limited access on my phone and a bit more with my husband's computer -- but we need to get some programs added to that machine as well.

It's raining and much colder -- a good day to paint ...

Have a super weekend - I'll be back as repairs are completed ..... I really HATE IT issues!! LOL


Lorraine said...

Lovely brooding painting -- and I really like the starkness of the trees against that gorgeous sky.

So sorry for your computer woes. It's like our lifeline to the world and I always feel disconnected when mine is offline!

Joan said...

I LOVE that sky!!! It looks like it is on fire!! LOVELY!!! Sorry to hear you're continuing to have computer problems.

We had mild weather yesterday again so I headed out to plein air paint from the car. It isn't as sunny today but I hope to do the same thing again.

Have a great weekend!

Teri C said...

Pretty pretty sky and love the bits of treetops in there.
Computer problems are the worst! Hope it all works out okay.