Friday, January 15, 2010


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Daily Practice

I have been home long enough to be able to watch the news. My heart breaks for the tragedy, terror, catastrophe and sadness experienced by those in Haiti. Today, three days after the horrific earthquake, worldwide relief efforts and assistance are working to make order, feed, shelter and doctor those in a most confusing and urgent situation.

May we do all we can to add to these heroic efforts with our prayers, thoughts, and whatever assistance we can give.

I pray for life-giving mercy


Teri C said...

A beautiful scene for a tragic act of nature.

Lorraine said...

Yes, it is such a sad situation, as are all of these natural tragedies. Mother nature and the plates holding the earth together can be mighty powerful one day and incredibly beautiful the day before. Your painting is hauntingly beautiful Lin.

Joan said...

I can't imagine what those poor people are going through! I think about them and pray for them. Your sunrise is beautiful and soothing to the spirit!!