Sunday, January 03, 2010

Walk Along the Snowy Lake

Walk Along the Snowy Lake
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Daily Practice

IT IS SO COLD HERE! BRRRRR!! Single digit temperatures have frozen so much around me ... our ponds, the water bowl for the cats, the early morning dew ... snow still eludes us, but we have a slight chance of some later this week...

Cold confines me as well... I truly have an intolerance for low temperatures and find body parts numbing even with layers of clothing, hat, gloves and the like. BRRR... When I get too cold, even with a fire burning, I get on my treadmill for a mile or two to warm up ....hmmm.... winter's push toward exercise!

This painting was inspired by a photo and my imagination... I'm finding myself doing more and more paintings from my imagination ..... taking scenes I've viewed from my travels and working them into a painting. I couldn't do this before a few months ago ... for instance, the color of the house reminds me of the color of the bricks of a church near the Arboretum, the mountains are definitely made up, and the trees are those I pass along my own roadsides.

Today is the last day of holiday break. January is incredibly busy with school registration, classes starting, a conference, and working two out of four weekends. It's been sheer grace to be home for two weeks ...and though I haven't completed all my reorganizing, the three boxes of books I donated to the library yesterday felt good and the recipients were thrilled. I've much more to do .... but progress will be slower.

Stay warm today ... and enjoy the last bit of the holiday.


Teri C said...

Gosh, what a beauty. Snow does have a way to dress things so beautiful.
I wouldn't think your area would get so cold.

Lorraine said...

Just lovely Lin and I like that you are adding people, as you wanted to. My painting instructor once told me that "you have to see it in your mind." And I never could. So Congratulations, you've attained another milestone -- and a big one.
Very frigid here too. The poor outdoor cats and dogs. I want to bring everyone inside.

Joan said...

Wonderful job on this!!! You did a great job of combining images from your mind. I like the addition of the figures walking.

It is far too cold and windy here. We had a bit of snow yesterday and flurries again today. I went out to take photos yesterday, but didn't last too long. Enjoy your last day of your break. Stay warm!!

Connie said...


This has GOT to be next year's Christmas Card. It is BEAUTIFUL!