Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Amy's Houseplant

Amy's Houseplant
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Daily Practice

I painted this several months ago. The houseplant belongs to my friend and though the vase isn't anything special, I really liked the way the leaves and highlights came out. She had a gorgeous, incredibly fragrant bouquet of spring flowers on the table last night, but I just couldn't focus enough to sketch it well, let alone paint it .... hate days like that! LOL

Today we've back-to-back meetings, and grey skies and cold temps again.... this see-saw of temperatures, sunshine and rain sure has my sinuses acting up!

Hope your day is wonderful!


Lorraine said...

Well you made the vase special! And the leaves on the plant are perfect!

I'm sorry this is such a tough week and hope that you can get in a bit of rest today and even more this evening. Those meetings wear one out.

Same weather here; so dreary; I'm sniffling too.

Joan said...

I like the look of the vase and the snake plant!!! Hope things calm down a bit for you.

WE HAVE SUNSHINE TODY!!! It is so nice. I guess we lucked out from the storm this weekend. I know quite a few people who are still without power.