Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bananas - Yes We Had Some!

Bananas - Yes We Had Some!
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Daily Practice
Car Journaling

I can't ever look at a banana and NOT think of the song "Yes, we have some bananas" ... and so we do ... and did on our drive to Charleston. I worked on this while C drove and I juggled potholes, a water jar, paints and journal.

it's back to work today -- but oh how good it was to be home a few days. The weather couldn't have been nicer -- high 60s, low 70sF -- and I was able to get out in the garden, weed, prune, hit the most noxious weeds with Round-Up, and get more than a few minutes of much needed natural Vitamin D!

This weekend we turn the clocks forward for Daylight Savings ... giving more light to our evenings ... yep, spring is fast approaching!

Hope your week is great!


Patti G. said...

Lin, your watercolors of late are like PICTURES.......just love them! You are such a talent and have really polished your seeing them!
Sending hugs for you and the family,

Lorraine said...

Wow; those bananas look like I could just reach out and grab one and eat it -- so realistic. You continue to amaze me with your varied painting talents (and of course all the other talents you have!). Wonderful painting Lin.

Teri C said...

Such depth on these bananas Lin. They look good enough to eat.

Joan said...

If I was painting in the car, my work would look a lot more splashy than yours does. I love the colors and the contrast!!

Glad you got to enjoy the outdoors a bit before you went back to work. I've been to two beaches and an arboretum this week. Now they are forecasting showers/rain for the next few days. Have a great day!!

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Very beautiful-just love this one!!