Friday, March 26, 2010

Imagining Sunflowers

Imagining Sunflowers
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Daily Practice

What a beautiful day yesterday! Warm enough to leave our coats in the van, sunny enough to lend a sense of excitement and a trip/tour filled with demonstrations, excitement and the laughter of participants having a great time as we visited Seagrove Pottery!

We had time to visit several of the artists' studios and talk with them about their different 'clay' methods, different stains and traditions, the numbers of generations in the business and yes, everyone went home with something! LOL

The trip was long and we returned to skies beginning to cloud and rain. We're in for a dip in the temperature for tonight and tomorrow -- close to freezing -- another of those fickle nights that keep knowledgeable gardeners from planting too early.

I decided to spend about 30 minutes 'playing' with paint and experimenting before heading to slumberland. Though it is far too early in the season to see any sunflowers, I wanted to give my 'throwing paint' another try with yellows .... and it turned into sunflowers ... Fun and relaxing!

Hope your day is bright and fun-filled!


Lorraine said...

Your sunflower painting is so cool. I love it. You know how I love abstracts -- as that's all I can do!!

Brrr, very very cold and damp here too; will have to heat the kitty bed warmers tonight; should have last night.

Thanks for the only sunshine we'll see today!

Sandy said...

Sunshine personified!! Love Love Love this!!

Teri C said...

Beautiful and bright and wonderful!!