Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lake - A Lesson from Allan Kirk

9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

I painted this from a lesson by Allan Kirk a month or so ago, but wanted to post it today to share his new Youtube video art lesson ( .... he demonstrates his French Window - the first lesson of his I tried.... It's a wonderful view into his impressionistic methods and ideas ... and I'm very excited to tell you about it! (No, no affiliations except an admiration of his work and a wonderful friendship with his wife, Lesley!) LOL

What I like about his approach to watercolor is the 'unifying' wash done at the beginning of the painting -- how it ties the colors together so nicely. Tony Couch does the same thing as does Laurie Humble. But this approach to a painting was new to me, and though I don't use it for every painting, I do like the results and was glad to have the opportunity to learn it from Allan.

The sun broke through all the grey yesterday and C and I spent a good part of the day doing some shopping and chores. It's raining hard right now and C's got his musician friends coming by later, so I think it will be a good day to cozy in and paint.

Thank you for your most kind comments yesterday ... your kindness really helps me get over those terrible days of self-doubt.

Take care today -- and I hope the sun is shining wherever you are! Enjoy Allan's video ...!


Lorraine said...

Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, I love the colors in this one -- the mountains are spectacular. But it is overall a truly lovely painting. I really like how you are working in people, birds, boats, etc. It gives her paintings more dimension and interest, although I love them all!

Rain here too but I have lots to do inside so will be puttering away and hopefully doing some much needed cleaning!

Joan said...

Super colors...your painting makes me just want to be there!!! I'll have to check out the video on youtube if I don't forget.

We are having rain...not as bad as yesterday, but it dampens the spirit. lol At least when it rains I usually stay in and paint a bit.
Enjoy your day.

Lesley said...

We're proud to have this super picture in our customer gallery with several more of Lin's wonderful pictures. If we ever get rich we'll employ you as our PR agent, Lin. I hope we'll get to meet you one day so we can thank you in person for giving us such encouragement and good advice.