Tuesday, March 30, 2010


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Daily Practice

The rain that battered us Sunday night eased slowly into a warm day and bits of sun. The skyscape was incredible with deep, dark, threatening clouds spliced by sun rays and bits of blue -- what a show!

After a day emerged in paperwork and classes I got to my friend's and simply needed to relax -- hence this piece. Playing with finding edges, losing edges was most relaxing, and lost in color and line, I slept better than I have in a while ... horray for painting! LOL

Thank you all for your kindness yesterday .. I am learning a lot about splashing paint and thoroughly enjoying it ... I hope what I m learning will transfer easily? to other aspects of painting I hope to try.

Have a great day!


Cori Lynn Berg said...

Oh I really love this! Think I may need to play with some edges myself!

Sandy said...

Strikingly bright and lively, I can see this as metatative (sp) and fun ! Rain is still hitting us, with heave flooding (CT) but we have the promise of sun soon too ;-) Keep splashing!

Joan said...

Sometimes it is really relaxing to just let loose and have fun like you did here!!! It is a kind of meditation.

We are having a lot of rain...seems like a monsoon at times! I'm ready for sunshine.

Have a great day!

Lorraine said...

Terrific -- all that splatter but then the lines -- geometric and abstrace together -- just like Klee and Kandinsky and others. I love it!

After a bitterly cold and rainy day yesterday the rest of the week looks sunny and I'm so glad -- 60's and 70's - yahoo!

Oh I SO want to start playing with my paints again. A friend and I played with cheap watercolor paints (both plain colors and pearlized) using Future floor wax instead of water -- very cool look.