Thursday, March 25, 2010

Morning over the City and Lake

Daily Practice

It's been a wild week and we're off today to take Arboretum guests to Seagrove Pottery as a continuation of our Southern Symposium. As gardeners we spend so much of our time FIGHTING to amend all the clay we have in our piedmont soils ... and here, enterprising individuals have USED that very clay to fashion some of the world's best known pots, vessels, dishware, churns, and other incredibly beautiful pieces.

I painted this partly during my ten-minute lunch and then late last night after the lecture ... yep, I know, determined ... LOL

We're due for some wonderfully warm weather today, ending in rain tonight ..already 'spring fever' has our phones ringing with folks asking if it's time to plant their vegetable gardens! We're cautioning folks to wait until mid-April -- weather in our NC area can be surprising with its sudden changes!

Hope your day is grand! I'll catch up with everyone this weekend!


annie said...

Oh, Lin, that lake is to die for. The reflections, the mist, the sky brightening... morning beginning.

Lorraine said...

Wonderful old tree; love the shape. And the misty looking city skyline across the water is so cool. Love all the colors. Enjoy your sun; our rain will be arriving today.

Joan said...

Beautiful misty look to this!! It would be the perfect spot to relax at the end of the day.

We have gorgeous weather today, but I heard the "s" word mentioned in tomorrow's forecast. I hope not, because I have to drive to NJ, pick up my sister, and then drive upstate to pick up our paintings where they were on display this month. Have a great day!!