Friday, March 05, 2010


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Blended Methods

Several years ago I passed a field of incredible poppies and stopped to take a photo. Later still, in one of the many Karlyn Holman ( videos I own, Karlyn shows a still life of poppies and her wet in wet application of paint. A few weeks ago, when viewing Thierry de Marichalar's blog(, he too had a different method of painting poppies. I mulled over these different techniques, used bits of flowers from his lesson and my own images, and tried to blend all I had observed and learned here. The composition is mostly Marichalar's .. but the application of paint and color are a combination of Karlyn's and mine.

I mention all of this because months from now when I'm wondering how I did a painting (sometime's it's hard to remember!!) I'll have my notes right here! LOL

I want to do this again with some other images I have taken - but I may have to wait until next week to have a go. I'm heading to South Carolina to celebrate my dd's birthday! It's suppose to be warm and sunshiney --- and I haven't been back to that beautiful city in almost two years ....

I'll be back on Sunday with two days of R&R after that ... and I'm looking forward to it.

I hope your weekend is wonderful!


Lorraine said...

Oh your poppies are incredible -- perfect in every detail! and I love what you did with the red behind the detailed flowers. Very imaginative.

Have a wonderful, sunny trip and visit.

Sandy said...

Glorious poppies Lin, simply glowing- I love poppies and CANNOT grow them!

Joan said...

Gorgeous job on the poppies...I love their vibrancy!!!

Have a great trip to SC!!! Enjoy the weather. It is "supposed" to be 50 here on Sunday! Hope the weekend is great!

Teri C said...

Just simply gorgeous!!!

Patti G. said...

I am yearning for Spring and Poppies now!!!!!!!!
Beautiful Lin! Like a picture!