Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Yesterday's Storm

Yesterday's Storm
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Daily Practice

This is how it looked when I left the office yesterday --- rain clouds gathering even tighter together. It had snowed, rained, snowed, rained and then stopped for a few hours, leaving the sky a mix of spotty blue and clouded grey/purple as evening deepened.

This morning we awoke to several inches of snow, slushy roads, and a 2 hour college delay that truly conflicts the students, instructors and my 9 am workshop. LOL

I came in to the office nontheless since the phone will begin ringing shortly, and I really wanted a cup of coffee! LOL

I'm hoping to proceed with the training; delaying the workshop will mean delaying the progress on the grant. Time crunches ... don't 'cha love 'em?! LOL


Lorraine said...

Oh lovely and brooding; nice mix of colors. I heard about the southern snow storm on the news last night. We got only bitterly cold winds and temps. So sorry it is raising havoc again. It sounds like a two cuppa day. Pace yourself!

Teri C said...

Lorraine said the right word, 'brooding'. REally wonderful Lin.