Saturday, May 29, 2010

California Poppies and Larkspur

Daily Practice

I'm still not satisfied with the poppies as I can't seem to paint the 'view' in my mind's eye -- sigh -- I suppose some days are like that. The poppies at Montrose, such a wonderful gold and yellow, were so beautiful set against the deep purple/blues of the larkspur ...those complimentary colors -- whether on palette or in flower design - are really incredible.

While the sun shone for a while, I finally got to the garden - planted a few more perennials, sprayed the weeds, trimmed the tomatoes (some already forming), checked for insect pests and generally did a bit of 'clean up.' We spent the majority of the day though, reframing, working on the exhibit pieces, rematting paintings for the art festival next week. I still have almost 3 dozen I wish I had frames for that I'd like to put on my own walls ....! LOL

We had another fierce storm last night, and I'm so glad I got to the garden in time for my new plantings to be 'watered in' ....

We're in for more rain today and a quick trip to the farmer's market for strawberries. I have yet to put up jam or dry some for winter use and the season is almost over ...

Hope your day is terrific!


Lorraine said...

Oh this is glorious! I just love loe love the colors complementing each other. And the poppies are larger and more poppy shaped in this one -- each of your paintings is an absolute surprise and delight as you vary your techniques from one to the other. I just love coming here each morning to see what beautiful piece of art you've created.

Good luck with the framing and getting ready for the show. Bravo for you!!!

Joan said...

LOVE the contrast of the colors!!! This is really lovely...and the vertical format is perfect for the larkspur in the back.

I always find matting and framing exhausting...maybe because I always leave it for the last minute. lol

Have a Happy Memorial Day weekend!!

Teri C said...

These two colors look fantastic in your compostiion!!!