Sunday, May 02, 2010

Inspired by the Essence of Spring - Pansies

Daily Practice

Bill's new challenge asked us to paint what the 'essence of spring' meant to us. Here in NC, one of the first signs of spring are the violets and pansies. Along with pansies, we first see so many of that lime green color, and clouds of pink and red as the trees add their new leaves.

I wanted to use some of the colors from my earlier experiment and see how they'd play in my palette. I also wanted to continue developing this splatter style of painting ... it simply relaxes me and makes me happy! LOL I combined some new colors, especially turquoise, a bit of cadmium orange and Winsor yellow, a bit of Winsor Violet, my mix of greens ... and these pansies showed up for the challenge.

OH!!!! I found that that though I didn't win any of the competitions -- I sold my large Grapes Painting ( ) - YAHOO -- paint supplies!!

We got most of the plants in the ground yesterday, watered the veggies and the flowers we put in last week, prepared dinner for the grands, and then spent the majority of the day playing with Emily and Nick. It has been a while since they made it to our home, and there was much catching up to do. We managed a mile walk together -- along with visiting the creeks and making mud pies. I don't know about Emily and Nick, but I sure slept well!

Today, we rest. It's overcast and I'm still hoping for much needed rain. Somehow, Monday's come around fast after Saturdays .... and I've a bit of painting on my wish list.

Have a super day!


Lorraine said...

Your pansies are delightful. I just saw some this week and wanted to bring them home -- the blues, purples and yellows -- my favorite flower as a child. I love how you painted them -- your new looser style is gorgeous and very arty!

BIG BIG CONGRATULATIONS on selling your grapes painting. YAHOO for you!! I am SO happy for you. And isn't it nice to know that someone else cares so much for your painting.

Have a fun and restful Sunday.

Teri C said...

I love your essence of spring!