Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Inspired by Snowball Viburnum

Daily Practice

Every spring, I eagerly await the blooming of my snowball viburnum. This 20 foot tree sports round clusters of the most amazing chartreuse balls of tiny flowers that, over time, turn a snowy white! My tree is so heavy with these soft balls, that they hang like earrings from the branches! When Emily and Nick came this weekend, they too were enthralled, and the burdened limbs hung so low, each of them could run their fingers over the clusters to release floating 'flower snow.' What a tree!

I worked on our summer lecture and tour schedule yesterday, and today, I have to finish grades and do some much needed bookkeeping. Our fiscal year ends soon and I want to be sure we have sufficient garden supplies to get us through the summer.

Have a great day!


Lorraine said...

Oh it's lovely Lin. I love the blue-green leaves peeking out. You are really good with painting white. It's so hard and you did a terrific job showing the detail and the shapes! What a fun experience for the grands.

Joan said...

Gorgeous!!! Your negative touches of painting are just enough to make a few of the petal shapes stand out. Lovely job painting and shading the white flowers!!! I love this one!

Teri C said...

It is just gorgeous Lin. I love these also.