Wednesday, May 19, 2010


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Daily Practice

Charles' family reunion was held at one of our local parks on a wonderful lake this weekend. This part of the lake (a bit more yellow in the painting) reached out into blue waters ... calm and cool in the 95F degree weather. Children swam in the sandy beach front behind where I stood, and behind those trees, there were small boats and fishermen. Our pavillion was about 50 feet behind me - and even from this point along the waterfront, I could hear C and his family members playing music and entertaining us. It was quite an enjoyable time.

I have to brag on our students who worked with my assistant and me to develop a landscape design for the neighboring town. One of the students gave the presentation in front of the almost dozen townspeople - and they loved the design! We now get to install the plan ... the students will be paid for their first 'professional' work...and the Arboretum will receive a significant donation ....!

We continue our oral history gathering today. It's still raining and we've almost made up our rainfall shortage for the year -- yahoo!

Hope your day is terrific!


Lorraine said...

Lovely painting of the marsh Lin. I especially like the greens in the trees, the far distant hills and the grasses. They blend so well with the sand and water. Such a restful painting too!

Congratulations on your students' good work and donation to the school -- you are a good example and have worked hard for such victories.

We attend the Randslide celebration last night in Bowling Green -- and I finally got to meet Ron Paul. It was wonderful to bask in the victory of all our hard work to get Rand Paul elected (primary) and now on to the Nov. election.

I even did some abstract cats with markers on the 3 hour drive there -- a little wonky over the bumps in the road but fun.

Have a great day and enjoy the rain!

Joan said...

What a lovely spot for a reunion, and so beautifully painted. I like the idea of you being able to see that and still hear the music behind you...the best of both worlds.

Congrats on the project your students did. They must be thrilled.

Have a great day! It is overcast here, but at least it isn't raining. I'm heading up to Westchester to take my niece out to celebrate her 21st birthday.

Teri C said...

A beautiful peaceful painting. Great news on the jobs too.