Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Oxford's Fields of Yellow

Oxford's Fields of Yellow
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Daily Practice

Driving around our county this weekend, I was struck by the incredible fields of yellow --- those dandelions, false dandelions, wild grasses, and mustards that grace the once tawny brown earth and announce the change in season. Skies are wonderfully blue, and the new leaves are a mix of chartruese and turquoise. These leaves quickly adding their cutin to protect themselves from spring-hungry insects, to become the green we recognize as 'summer' dress.

This small barn sat so nicely among the grasses, even though the porch roof was falling down a bit. I love these bucolic scenes ... and they're quickly disappearing. I'm glad to have the chance to capture them on film and in paint before they, and the way of life they represent, are entirely gone.

It's been a struggle painting this week - I've been tossing out paper after paper -- sigh -- Don't you hate those times! LOL

We're bathed in fog this morning and temps will reach the 90s -- returning to the 70s tomorrow ... the swings in temperature truly tire me out....but I'm glad the heavy winter coats remain in the closet!

Have a great day!


Lorraine said...

I love those old barns too. You've created a luscious spring painting -- love the yellows and greens and the old barn colors set off by the surrounding "spring" colors. But what is a false dandelion??? You know more plants and flowers than anyone I ever knew!!

Very warm here today too and the various creeks and rivers will be cresting throughout the day and night through Friday. Everyone is anxious about the levels and which areas will be flooded. Fortunately not near me!

Joan said...

Oooh, Fabulous job!!! I love those spring greens! It is such a shame that those wonderful barns are disappearing so quickly. I'm glad you've captured so many of them on film so you can continue painting them.

I am hoping to paint outdoors today for a bit before I pick up my FIL to drive him over to the hospital. I fear that I've missed all the flowering trees...maybe there will be a few tulips or irises around...or maybe the rhodies. I'm hopeful! Have a great day!