Friday, May 21, 2010

Still Life with Pears and Grapefruit

9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

This week's painting practice was a better week for me despite the busyness of the office. I worked on this still life over a couple of days trying to capture the light once again. I wanted to paint a larger image than I did earlier, and to 'test' myself to see if I could replicate that 'light' once again. I need to paint a few more before I will be comfortable with my own 'method!" LOL

Our harvest and lunch yesterday went so well! We are blessed with a grand group of volunteers who have formed a closeness and camaraderie that is so heart-warming to be a part. Our lemon balm tea and lavender cookies, plus the addition of herbs to our salad have convinced so many of the group to now 'experience' herbs in new ways. Wonderful fun -- and another ten pounds of food for those who need it most.

My own small garden is demanding some attention, so while the sun is out, so will I.

I hope your day is wonderful.


Joan said...

I love your direction of the light in this!!! Beautiful sunlit colors too! Looks like you are perfecting your method.

Glad things went well this week and that the group gets so much done.

Today is another sunny and even warmer day. I'm off to paint at the beach once again.

Teri C said...

I love the magical look of this; the composition and the colors.

Lorraine said...

More of that glorious deep yellow -- and I especially love it with the blue. The light source you depict is extraordinary!!!

Glad all went well yesterday -- how delicious that sounds -- lemon and lavender!!

Have a great weekend.

Teresa said...

One of your best. Wow.... your colors are absolutely gorgeous and you've retained such a glowing light in there. Fabulous, Lin!