Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yellow Fields

Yellow Fields
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Daily Practice

The yellow fields are quickly being cut - and I won't enjoy that mass of 'weeds' again until fall ... I wanted to paint one last homage to that blanket of gold before summer grasses and crops take over ..

Our rains 'should' be done until the weekend .. and we truly need a bit of drying out.

I'm dashing to an early meeting - take care!


Teri C said...

So beautifully done Lin. I love this kind of view also.

Joan said...

What a refreshing feel this has with the field of yellow flowers. Lovely job!!!

Have a great day!

Sioux said...

Very well done!

Lorraine said...

Yes, catch it while you can!!
The yellow is glorious against the blue-green trees -- so sunny and summery, despite all your "real weather"!

Pat said...

You have created the purfect sunny location for dreams to happen. I could just sit out in this field, with maybe a little bit of the shade, and paint all day long.

caseytoussaint said...