Wednesday, June 23, 2010

En Route to Pilot Mountain

En Route to Pilot Mountain
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Daily Practice

The NC Highway Department has graced our roadsides with fields of incredible flower displays. Acres of varying colors soften the dark asphalt hardness with beauty, movement and form. Wildflowers of all types are used in these efforts started long ago by Lady Bird Johnson. The fruit of all those years of hard work are today ours to enjoy.

This time of year, the prevalance of daylilies planted over highway acres creates wave upon wave of yellows, golds, oranges, pinks and peach. Eye candy for the traveler!

On the way to Pilot Mountain, we stopped at one of the overlooks to view the mountains and enjoy a bit of the bright daylilies. I could see from the road just a hint of farmhouse between the trees, but I moved the house a bit for this painting.

The visit to Cape Fear Botanical Garden and Fayetteville Tech Rose Garden yesterday was superb! Despite the close to 100F heat, we managed to stay in the shade most of the day, enjoying the displays, reconstructed farm buildings and general store, hostas, daylilies, ponds and more. I must say that those who love gardens will find a way to enjoy the beauty each new setting holds no matter the heat or weather! Grand folks indeed!

My dd is visiting and my son joined us for dinner yesterday. I am on vacation for a few days - but probably a bit busier than ever! I have a ton of plum jam to make, an art date, a workshop with Sterling Edwards this weekend, and gardening and watering to help save our veggies and plants in this week of 100F weather.

I hope we all manage to stay cool .....!


Teri C said...

Oh my goodness, GORGEOUS! Makes me want to drive done your highways.

Lorraine said...

What a gorgeous painting Lin -- a riot of colors. I'm looking forward to lots more from photos you took on your weekend trip!!! Aren't I greedy LOL.

Wow; you are having a busy week. Glad the trip went so well yesterday.

Same weather here -- it physically makes me ill -- I guess that's what comes from being a transplant from VT to KY!!

Stay cool.

Joan said...

Awesome job on the colors in this!!! Wow! This is so lovely!!!

We are expected to have hot weather today and tomorrow...even hotter than I enjoy.

Have a great day!

Teresa said...

This is a beautiful painting!

And I'm out watering almost everyday for an hour or two! It's 97 degrees as I write this (and headed toward 100 before the day is over)