Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gas Light Barn done a la Sterling Edwards

Quarter Sheet
Arches 140#CP

I didn't quite keep all the whites and luminousity that I was striving for and Sterling was teaching, and using different colors on my familiar Gas Light Barn and scene was more challenging than I could imagine. I tried to use the colors Sterling did on his piece - and in real life there is more of a rosy glow to this than I could capture or adjust for the screen. I used Windsor Violet, Windsor Yellow, permanent rose and New Gamboge - which really worked well in Sterling's 4 step process. He did several demos yesterday so there wasn't as much time for us to paint -- working on this at home after a most tiring day, sure made my hand a bit too heavy with the paint. Still, the values and light are there -- as are the lessons in my head! Using different colors for barns and trees, though, was certainly a twisting of my own mind and a lesson I need to repeat more often in order to truly keep 'values' in mind and on paper.

We're back today for our last day of lessons. Sterling told us on Friday that by today we'd be mighty tired, and he told the truth! LOL Still, there is so much to absorb, practice and 'make my own' --- a very exciting and rich experience.

Still no rain -- I see myself tonight holding a waterhose on the tomatoes and dozing on my feet! LOL

Have a great day!


Lorraine said...

Oh my goodness I LOVE the colors and the richness of the foliage, especially the deep purple. The barn fits in so beautifully in that lighter weathered look amongst the more brilliant hues. Wow. I'm impressed. I ordered some of his stuff and look forward to watching and trying his approach. But darn I forgot to put down the 15% savings -- got so excited seeing all the stuff available LOL.
Hope your last day is as fruitful.

Joan said...

Excellent contrasts and rich colors!!!!