Monday, June 28, 2010


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Quarter Sheet
Arches 140#CP

For our last workshop day, Sterling turned to florals emphasizing again shapes, values, light. His demo was a bit more stylized and flowing, and absolutely magnificent. I tried to take his lessons and apply them to my own photo, and found working on large, single flowers somewhat challenging after my splashy small flower paintings.

Sterling will return to Jerry's in Raleigh again in August and in November for Art in the Carolinas. He's a magnifient, encouraging and helpful instructor -- I'll be taking more of his classes for sure!

My last day off -- and so glad to have it. After 3 days of hard concentration and learning, I'm mighty tired and feeling a bit 'out of things' as my mind has been wrapped in art so intensively. I'll need today to putter around the house, do some chores and return to my routine.

Still no rain - my date with a waterhose will have to be met today ...

Stay cool ...


Teri C said...

And wow, your bloom is also magnificent!!!!!!! And gorgeous. Isn't it amazing how other artists can inspire us.

Ann said...

Wow, indeed. Gorgeous!

Lorraine said...

Ooh, magnificent indeed. The colors are gorgeous and glowing and I love the combination you used -- the colors just feed off each other and make my eye go over and over the painting. A fitting "last" painting for the wonderful class.

Joan said...

Oooh!!! I love this with the soft colors in the petals and the strong color in the center. Looks like you picked up a lot from his class. How lucky to take a class with him!